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Weekend Getaway: San Sebastián, Biarritz, St-Jean-de-Luz and a whole lot of sand

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the Basque Country in both Spain and France. Given that my ancestors are Basque, I was very excited to see these beautiful cities. A weekend program sure to make us happy: San Sebastián (Spain), Biarritz (France) and St-Jean-de-Luz (France).

Two days before leaving I called my grandmother to let her know how I was doing and how my weekend in Paris had been (Paris is her favorite city in the world). When I told her I would be going to San Sebastián, she said, in her forever adorable British accent: "Oh Sarah, that is wonderful! You will love San Sebastián! It is such a beautiful city. There is a city in France not far away called St-Jean-de-Luz that is also so beautiful." Little did she know that was exactly where I was going. Something to know about my grandmother is that her and my grandfather have travelled all over the world and has been to every city I have visited or plan to. Therefore, I usually call on her to give me tips on what to see and do.

We left early Saturday morning for a 5 hour bus ride to the beautiful San Sebastián. What can I say about this lovely city? It is home to a beautiful beach, one of the 12 most beautiful streets in Europe (NY Times) and it is apparently the most expensive city in Spain. So I spend way too much money on food, but what's new?

We skipped out on the group dinner and had a meal on our own and were back at the hotel by 10:15PM. My roommate was out for the night, so I had the room to myself. It was nice to relax, watch TV (I have no television in Madrid) and just unwind.

The next day, we visited Biarritz and St-Jean-de-Luz, two adorable cities in the south of France. Let me say this: the south of France is absolutely gorgeous... well don't take my word for it, take a look for yourself!




First, BIARRITZ!!!

(Sorry for all the beach pics, I'm obssessed!)


(Only spent an hour here, so only have a few pics)

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