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Weekend Getaway: MUNICH

Last weekend I flew to Munich for the weekend, to visit my long time friend Julia and her adorable 90 year old grandmother, Maria. She welcomed me into her lovely home for the weekend. It was a short and sweet weekend getaway.

Munich is a beautiful city, which Julia qualifies as 'posh' and where every third woman carries a Louis Vuitton bag. All the designer and haute couture shops can be found on Maximilian Straße. It is a very expensive city, where lunch will usually cost you around €15 to €20. They serve pretzels instead of bread at the table and their pretzels are absolutely amazing. They serve fresh juices to which they add a shot of sparkling water. The food is amazing and so are the sights. I thought I would share with you a little diary of this weekend getaway.


7H15 : My flight takes off from Madrid, Spain.

9H50 : I get off my plane in Munich, Germany.

10H00 : Julia and her boyfriend pick me up at the terminal and we head up to Grünwald, where her grandmother Maria lives.

11H00 : I am greeted by Maria and get settled into my room.

12H00 : Julia and I head downtown to start visiting.

13H00 : Julia and I stop for lunch at Dürnbräu. I had schnitzel with roasted potatoes, it was really good.

14H00 - 17H00 : We continued our tour downtown.

17H00 : We stopped for tea and cake, as the temperature was getting colder and it had started to drizzle outside.

18H30 : We walked along Maximilian Straße, where are the haute couture shops can be found. I spend most of time admiring the store fronts, and completely forgot to take pictures.

19H00 : We headed back to Maria's home for tea and homemade apple cake.


8H30 : We have breakfast with Maria. Homemade apple bread and tea.

10H00 : After I finish packing my bags, we head out into the city.

11H00 : We make our way to Schloß Nymphenburg. A gorgeous castle 20 minutes from downtown Munich. They had beautiful gardens, that even in the winter, are magical.

14H00 : We head back to the city for lunch. I insisted on getting german sausages, so we ended up at Haxnbauer, where I had another great german meal.

16H00 : We head back towards the train station to meet up with Julia's boyfriend who drove us back to the airport. I got a couple mini souvenirs (fine chocolates and postcards, I get a postcard from every city I visit).

17H00 : We arrive a the airport early to get something to eat and say our goodbyes.

19H30 : My plane leaves for Madrid, Spain.

And that concludes my first ever visit to Germany. Although I will be back in the summer, it is goodbye for now. I've not yet had enough of their pretzels, so I'll definitely be back more ;)

For now, I go back to planning my next move... Where do you think I'll go next?


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