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7 Days of Detox Waters

Over the past couple weeks, I have been making an effort to drink more water on a daily basis. I am a sucker for starbucks drinks, but they are usually filled with countless empty calories, but water can be so boring!! (Am I right?!) So I'm sharing with you some of my favorite detox water recipes to get you through the week and start off 2016 on the right foot.

Before we start, I have an important tip to share with you:

For best results, be sure to leave the fruit infuse for several hours before use. My friends and I actually prepare them the night before and grab it on our way out the house in the morning.

Let's get started!


- Grapefruit

- Lime

- Raspberries

I l-o-v-e grapefruit, it is a very fragrant fruit and perfect for waking me up on monday mornings!

Tip: If you cut the slices of grapefruit and lime too thin, the fruit will fall apart quicker and by the afternoon you will be drinking some unwanted pulp.


- Lime

- Pomegranate

- Mint

​I love these contrasting colors!

Tip: Be sure to slightly crush the pomegranate seeds before to release the juices.


- Blueberries

- Oranges

Tip: If you want to add some healthy benefits, add some ginger to this one.


- Grapefruit

- Orange

- Lemon

- Lime

This one is particularly refreshing!


- Watermelon

- Cucumber

- Ginger

This one is the perfect end to a busy week! Its got a fruit, a vegetable and a root! It doesn't get any better than this ;)


It's the weekend! That means it's time to be (responsibly) wild!!

If you can't decide on which fruits to use, just use them all.

Be creative and try out your own combinations. Show me your magic potions! I want to see what amazing detox waters you use, so use the hashtag #StainedDetoxWater and who knows maybe I'll try a couple out :)

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