I don't know about you, but there's about three feet of snow here in Montreal and I REALLY MISS SUMMER. Which got me thinking about this trip I made to Mexico last year. (Really wish I could be there right now!)  


So here it is, a photo diary of my trip to Mexico with my mom! I hope these photo make you momentarily forget about the cold weather we have been having these days. 



DAY 1 


Explorin' The Hotel 


We actually arrived the night before, but since I went to bed the minute I got to my room, I woke up super early to give myself a personal tour of the resort before breakfast. 


I love visiting places when there is no one around. No screaming children, no splashing canonballs, no music. Just the sound of the birds and the wind (I know, I'm cheesy like that). 

DAY 2 


Strolling Through The City


On day 2 we went for a city tour of Valladolid. That city has so much charm. My favorite part was walking around town, seeing the locals. In my opinion, if you're not meeting locals, you're not really travelling, you're just on vacation ;) Oh and how photogenic is the dog?

DAY 3 


Sunny Beaches


Enough said. 





We visited this really fun tropical park in Riviera Maya, really fun for both kids and adults! Most of the time I wasn't taking pictures because I was too busy jumping off cliffs into water or looking at beautiful exotic animals (you know, having fun!) But here are a couple shots that are from that day. 



Beware of the crocodiles.


We visited a national park, which since I have the wierdest memory, I don't remember the name, but it was simply breathtaking. Here are a few of my favorite shots. 



Staring at the sunset


No one can argue that this sunset is anything less than perfect. Period. 



Relax. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. 


The last day was pretty uneventful. So I've decided to place some of my favorite photos of the trip that didn't quite fit in anywhere else :) 

Photos all taken by yours truly.