I've only been to Boston twice before, but I absolutely love this city. It has such charm. Boston, in some ways, reminds me a lot of home -but with less crazy drivers!  I'll spare you the history of this city, you can visit your nearest library (or google) if you want to know about that. I'll speak to you about my personal experiences in this lovely city.


The first time I visited Boston, I was 15 years old and it was a school trip. We were definitely worthy of the title 'tourist' visiting all the attractions one can possibly see in 72 hours. I remember visiting the Harvard campus and being mesmerized by its beauty. I remember our scavenger hunt around the city, staying up late in our hotel room with my close friends. I had only good memories of this place so naturally I decided to go back, this time with Jeremy, a dear friend of mine.


Jeremy and I met in college. We spent most of our days together during the week, we thought we could handle 72 hours together. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say that we didn't speak for a while after that. I learned that spending a couple hours with someone a day, isn't even close to the experience of spending 72 hours straight with a person. Thankfully, this experience made me realize how much of a great friend Jeremy was and we are still friends (yay!).  Another thing I've learned from this experience, is that sometimes even friendships need breaks. And these breaks are nothing bad, it simply makes you appreciate the friendship more and understand better what your friendship is all about.


This little photo diary represents the day I spent in Boston with Jeremy. I little bit of Harvard, a little bit of downtown Boston and whole lot of fun!   








Photos all taken by yours truly.



Places featured:


Boston Common

Harvard campus

Downtown Boston